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9 июня 2016г. Москва

В международном журнале «Regional Research of Russia» опубликована статья В.В. Климанова и К.В. Будаевой «Content and Retrospective Analysis of Regional Strategizing in Russia»

Abstract-Despite the active development of tools and methods for strategic planning, Russian federal,
regional, and municipal authorities still have no clear understanding of the role, limits of application, and
content value of strategic documents. Also, there are virtually no efficient management systems for the for
mation, adoption, and implementation of strategies at the regional level, which explains the relevance of this
study. The aim of this paper is to analyze the experience of development, adoption, and implementation of
strategies for socioeconomic development of federal subjects, estimate their effectiveness, and on this basis
develop proposals to improve the acceptance and evaluation processes of strategies in the future. The study
presents examples of conformity of already approved strategies for socioeconomic development of the Rus
sian Federation to existing state standards, as well as examples of the completeness of content and presence
of mandatory basic elements of strategies. The authors identify the main trends in the evolution of the system
for designing and adopting such strategies. We conclude it necessary to develop a uniform conceptual meth
odology for assessing the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of socioeconomic development strategies for
Russian regions. Recommendations are given for improving the system of development and evaluation of
documents for strategic planning at the regional level.

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